inward in∙ward adj. 1. [only before noun] inside your mind and not shown to other people • 内心的;精神的:
»an inward smile
»Her calm expression hid her inward panic.
2. towards the inside or centre of sth • 向内的;向中心的:
»an inward flow
»an inward curve
【OPP】 outward adv. (also in∙wards especially in BrE) 1. towards the inside or centre • 向内;向中心:
»The door opens inwards.
2. towards yourself and your interests • 向自己;向内心:
»Her thoughts turned inwards.
»(disapproving) an inward-looking person (= one who is not interested in other people)
【OPP】 outwards
* * *
adv. 向內, 在內
adj. 向內的, 內在的

English-Chinese dictionary. 2013.


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